Hukuibio has extensive experience related to medical electronic design and devices. We have successfully designed and built a number of medical related projects including; an optical image device , an ultrasound device and a handheld telemedicine device.

We invite you to contact us to learn why companies across the globe choose us to complete their Medical Electronics Design projects. Our experienced specialists will introduce you to the steps we take to adhere to the highest quality standards when fulfilling requests. We look forward to serving as your trusted Electronic Manufacture Service

Ultrasound Device

Wireless ultrasound hand device is small and light. Physicians can put it in the pocket and carry it to anywhere easily. To be a screening and emergency device, it can assist physicians in time visual diagnostic and apply to general clinical treatment in order to fulfill the promptly on site diagnostic.

Optical Image Device

Based on optics design and electromechanical system, and integrating with digital image and record transporting function, portable optical image device can help physicians easy to operate and diagnose on the clinical site. It is also convenient during the regular ward round. This medical device will be the global trend for mobile health and telemedicine.