About Us

Founded in November 2013, HuKui Bio provides total solution and value-added services to global medical devices customers. By focusing on medical electronics and handheld devices for digital healthcare and telemedicine, we do the designing and development in Taiwan, manufacturing in Asia, and delivering our sales & services globally.

Combining seasoned experts and investors from biomedical, tech, and financial industries, we strive to be the best partner in the Asia-Pacific region for MedTech developers, startups and corporates by completing projects on-time, on-budget and by meeting global quality standards concurrently. Our US company, HuKui Tech, is a subsidiary based in the Bay area, 100% owned by HuKui Bio since 2020.

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Registration Consulting

Medical device with multi-country license is a feasible registration strategy in the industry. It can take advantage not only in the international trading business but also in the capital market to raise fund.


Hukuibio has extensive experience related to medical electronic design and devices. We have successfully designed and built a number of medical related projects including; an optical image device , an ultrasound device and a handheld telemedicine device.

Trading Business

During COVID-19 epidemic period, Hukui Bio keeps operating with our customers of the device inventors and requesters. For the demand raised recently, we collect Rapid Test cassette and Nucleic Acid Diagnostic Kit from Taiwan .

Interested in shortening your time-to-market ?

We can help you with product engineering and development, small and large scale manufacturing, and global regulatory registration and distribution. An more exhaustive list of services can be found HERE.



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