Medical Images & Endoscopy

HUKUI is the total solution provider who offers the high images resolution that been integrated into all kinds of endoscope as the diagnostic tools for the medical professionals. In addition to delivering high-definition images, they provide detailed anatomical and tissue structure insights, supporting healthcare professionals in making accurate decisions during diagnosis and treatment.

3D CMOS Rigid Endoscopes

The 3D CMOS rigid endoscope offers durability and flexibility, making it suitable for various endoscopic examinations and surgeries, including Intracranial, laparoscopy, spine, and joint surgery. It provides the medical industry with higher-quality image guidance and improved therapeutic outcomes.

Sonography (EBUS)

Endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) is an advanced ultrasound imaging technique that supports medical teams in precise positioning and operation during diagnosis and treatment. It not only enhances diagnostic accuracy but also reduces surgical risks and patient discomfort, providing a safe and effective examination method guided by imaging for medical teams.

Flexible Ureteroscopes / Cystoscopes

The disposable digital ureteroscope offers a clear, non-invasive visual examination and treatment for ureteral obstructions. It navigates through the urethra and bladder up to the ureter, reaching the location of the stone. This significantly reduces patient recovery time. Being disposable and sterile, it enhances patient safety and minimizes the risk of cross-contamination. Additionally, it eliminates maintenance costs associated with reprocessing and repairs, simplifying workflows in the operating room and daily practices.