Medical AI Devices & Senior Care

HUKUI is dedicated to advancing medical image processing and artificial intelligence technology applications. By integrating advanced technology with user-friendly design, our intelligent medical devices provide comprehensive health management and comfortable living for seniors, individuals with mobility impairments, and those in need of long-term care. Through various innovative technologies, we aim to create a safer and more convenient environment for caregivers and care recipients, thereby improving their quality of life and enabling them to live independently, healthily, and happily.

Thermal Core Modules / AI accelerator

This technology combines a thermal imaging module with an AI accelerator, embedding these modules into various devices such as smart cameras, robots, and autonomous vehicles to enhance their processing power and efficiency. This technology effectively handles large volumes of data and complex computational tasks, accelerating application execution speeds and improving system performance and responsiveness. It has wide-ranging applications across multiple fields, including premium senior home care services, medical imaging, intelligent transportation, and industrial automation, providing faster and smarter solutions for various industries.

Smart Home System for Elderly Care-
Fall Detection & Vital signs detection

The Home Smart Care System, employing radar sensing technology, is designed to monitor the safety and health status of residents. This non-invasive technology, utilizing microwave radar to detect subtle movements and breathing patterns, enables continuous and accurate monitoring of activities for elderly individuals at home. It promptly identifies abnormal events and sends alerts. Care recipients do not need to wear any devices, making it suitable for home care and nursing homes, enhancing home safety, reducing accidents and providing substantial assistance to caregivers significantly enhances the quality of patient care.

40Hz Light Therapy Lumina

Research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) indicates that 40Hz auditory and visual stimulation can improve cognition. The 40Hz Light combines patented multi-frequency technology with reading light functionality, integrating 40Hz light waves into everyday lighting to reduce amyloid protein buildup without flicker issues. Offering a new and enhanced living experience for the elderly. This product is convenient and easy to use, making it suitable for homes, medical facilities, and long-term care centers.