Hukui has decades of medical device R&D and production expertise. Not only can improve our customer’s medical device designs from the new product introduction(NPI) phase, but also can optimize materials and electro-mechanical structures at the same time.


Hukui is proud of our expertise in our quality system practices in product design, production technology, and supply chain management,
e.g. materials management and manufacturing cost optimization.


Mechanical Design

  • Provide 2D/3D dimension and working sample from drawing to molding.


Electronic Medical Device Development

  • Meet safety regulation requirement based on qualified PCBA and related components allocation design.


Image Software

  • Customize operation manual and image performance for ultrasonic and optical image.


Optical Lenses Module

  • Develop lenses, probes and sensors with different application and customer demand to increase product performance and efficacy.


Production Requirement & Planning

  • Propose the producing conditions and necessary equipment to meet prototype design verification.


Supply Chain Management

  • Integrate component suppliers with efficiency to complete the product development.

Technical Support

Hukui provides end-to-end services to all medical device innovators.